Birdsong (2012) A Real Gem…

One of my top 10 films of all time, this stands out because of its originality―love scenes and emotions rarely seen…

Adapted from Sebastian Faulks book of the same name, this BBC production, as in all BBC films, is magnificent in its quality. It has the added benefit of academy award-winning actor, one of the best, Eddie Redmayne (protagonist Stephen Wraysford) alongside the amazing Clémence Poésy, a French actress whose subtle ways completely transforms the female love interest.

As in the book, you get a sobering sense of trench warfare in the Great War…but it’s not really about the war, but the memories of the people and what happens to them after the war that makes this different.

Philip Martin, the director, does a world-class job of shooting scenes that feel both hard-edged and yet are the most romantic you’ve ever seen as the story takes us from war scenes back to Stephen’s memories and musings of a great love affair that came at a critical time in his life with Isabelle.

I highly recommend this one!!

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