Man in an Orange Shirt: (2018) Gay Life in Two Eras…

Updated: Oct 31

Masterpiece/PBS’s and Boston’s WGBH production quality and originality holds up in this 2018 release of the edgy two-part series about life as a gay man ....

Set in both a WWII setting and modern times, this series shows us life through four gay men’s eyes, with all its warts and wins, a triumph that takes us to the highest heights and the deepest depths. Linked by a painting and family ties, the show reveals two different couples struggling with their love and feelings as they seek normality--be themselves and just live.

The performance in the first episode by Oliver Jackson-Cohen and James McArdle especially is so touching and gut-wrenching you want to weep. Vanessa Redgrave brings a centering vibe and great performance, as does Joanna Vanderham.

Sadly, it feels like society hasn’t progressed that much in 70 years around acceptance. In both episodes the main characters bring empathy and raw emotion, not requiring words, which makes it a real winner and a must-see.

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