Top Gun: Maverick: (2022) Beyond the Limit...

Updated: Oct 31

Sure, the production of this sequel took us to a new level of technology portraying flight and some stunts. And yes, Tom Cruise and the whole cast looked great…

However, after that, I fell off the wagon...or the pulled the ejector.

This may be a four-quad film that made untold amounts of money, but the plot, even according to my children, was weak. And at times, felt manipulated to fit a gasping storyline that most would know intuitively was fabricated, especially in its climax.

I happen to know people who work in the CIA and at NSA…and I can tell you, most of the second half was ‘out there.’ If you were alive back in 1986 and saw the first Top Gun, you may want to see it. But if you are coming in ‘fresh’ to the story―you will not miss much if you take a ‘pass,’ and could save $15.00 for a ticket by waiting until it streams online.

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