Vita and Virginia: (2018) Edgy and Accurate…

We’ve all heard the phrase—who killed Virginia Woolf? Truth is, the writer portrayed in this IFC movie committed suicide in 1941, which is not covered in this show...

In this movie we see the true story of disturbed yet genius writer, Virginia Woolf (1882-1941) and her eventual friend, lover, and muse―socialite and popular author Vita Sackville-West―who pushes this love relationship forward, unaware of the delicacy of Virginia’s mental state.

At the time, their love relationship may have been edgy, and we know by their love letters it is accurate, however I was not convinced by the acting of the authenticity on screen. The best part of the movie was hearing Woolf’s words repeated from her letters, and her phrasing which, once heard, you clearly know you are listening to a gifted person.

I was impressed with the openness in the dialog around sex, and I did hear a few things I have not heard before, so it’s worth your time; especially if you like the 1920’s era and women who pushed the boundaries on all fronts.

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