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I tell stories...

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"To spark the imagination, your pen must become a brush."

~ H. P. Shreve



Heather Shreve is an award-winning screenwriter, historical advisor, and content creator, as well as a master artist. She has authored six books and has a passion for telling stories as well as illustrating them.


In her youth, Japanese Culture was always part of her life as both parents and a grandparent built Japanese Zen Gardens. In addition, she was introduced to Sumi e Japanese brush painting from an early age and is still using the same ink grinding stone from that time. Considered a child prodigy in art, Heather began selling her artwork at age 10. 


Ms. Shreve is a Marylander with a rich ancestral history in America with several strong areas of historical knowledge―the US Army Interwar years, The Pacific/WWII, The Jazz Age, the history of Hawaii, The Keelboat Age, WWI and WWII―and has created four well-researched original film projects which encompass everything from pioneer days (River Man mini-series) to the 1920’s (The Bamboo Wife TV Series/ Sugarland Documentary) to the 1940s (Once A Colonel film)...with more on the horizon.


Through her company, Shreve Interactive, Inc., Ms. Shreve has edited 20+ books, ghostwritten several more and used her artwork for countless book covers. She is member of NYWIFT (New York Women in Film and Television) and can be found on  Heather P. Shreve | LinkedIn and IMDb Pro.  


I offer an array of script and story related writing services to enhance and progress your projects!

I invite you to a FREE 15-minute call to discuss your project and discover what best fits your needs. 

Please schedule the call via my email:

1. Story Design & World-Building: Writing a novel, graphic novel, TV show, or film? Not sure where to begin?

I have you covered with a 30-minute discovery call plus 'from the ground up' story construction, including time period, characters

(up to 12), themes, tone, story engine, premise, story arc, protagonist arc, and more! Also includes complimentary log line: $350.00

2. Consultation by the Hour: Not sure where to begin? Just need a logline? Let's talk about your story or script: $75.00 per hour 

3. Show Bible :  Every film project needs a good Show Bible for context and to sell the concept. After we nail down your concept/premise then I can proceed with a 5-10 page Bible to include elements such as: Logline, synopsis, show summary, story engine, tone, themes, main character conflicts/misbelief, secondary characters, one season summary & episode summaries (for TV series/ mini series):  Custom pricing per project.


4. Treatment: Same process as above to discover story, then research and create beats in a treatment for your first episode, feature film, or graphic novel. ~15-50 pages. Custom pricing per project.

'I've seen many speakers...

Heather is so much better! Top-tier, in terms of story-telling with a message!


Gripping... Inspirational... Eloquent...

Heather's love and respect for her granddad, (the Colonel)

is really a story about true leadership: taking care of your men.


~ Dave Hogen, Commander, (ret) USN


For Keynote Speaking and Appearances:

Please contact Heather Shreve below about availability and pricing for your next event.


Thanks! Message sent.

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