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ONCE A COLONEL: ***** STARS on Amazon!

"I loved this book! 'Once a Colonel' is a monumental achievement, and an important story that is finally being told- directly from the diaries of one of the few who survived to tell the tale.  'Once a Colonel' is one of the best books I have read- not because I favor a true historical drama and love story, but because it is beautifully written, thoroughly researched, and the dialogue is so good that it seems like the author was there..." [ more on Amazon] ~ Paul G., Baltimore

"...a great novel! Historically correct, the novel is written much in the way of F. Scott Fitzgerald, a way that allows the reader to share all the feelings of the characters. When I learned that Heather had written a fictionalized but historically accurate account of the Colonel’s life prior to the war and through his captivity ...I had to have it! As I read, I was drawn into the story in a way that seldom happens. I felt all the emotions of the characters, especially Colonel Shreve’s, and lived his life so vicariously that I had to put the book down at times just to absorb what I was reading. The greatest compliment I give to any author, and especially to Heather’s writings about her family, is that at the end I was left wanting more." ~Jimmy Brown, Sergeant, (ret) USA

'From the beginning... this novel reaches out and grabs you and makes you want to hold on to the very end! It's a well- balanced read that provides the reader with a glimpse into history and the passion that bonds two souls... It's like history with hot sauce!' ~Sam D., Woodstock , MD​

"Heather’s words take you to the highest heights and the deepest depths. Wrapped in a love story, you’ll experience Army life, war, and meet a noble soldier who was tough as nails, and a wife who wished she was−"

~ Kenneth O. McCreedy, Colonel, (ret) USA

'LOVING the book!  Damn, Girl! You can write! I’m on page 37 and already riveted…'

~Sara H., Baltimore, MD




"I finished The Colonel's Way two days after receipt...A compelling narrative with as much story between the lines as within them. My favorite fictional account of the Pacific theater POW camps has always been King Rat. The Colonel's Way is now my favorite nonfiction." ~ Jimmy Brown, SSG/ Vietnam (ret)


“A warm bath by candlelight, a box of dark chocolates, a walk through a beautiful forest,… The Pen,  The Pearl, The Paragraph is as good as all three put together! I highly recommend this brilliantly written and touching book.”   

~ Sheri Meyers, Psy. D. , Author, Therapist, TV Host

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