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The Colonel's Way; The Secret Diaries of a POW

The Colonel's Way; The Secret Diaries of a POW

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An amazing account of history as it's unfolding...The diaries of an extraordinary officer,  my grandfather- Colonel Arthur L. Shreve, Jr., whose American ingenuity, guts, and raw bravery is unforgettable!  A U.S. Army officer who served from 1917 [as a pilot in WWI] and then as colonel in under GEN George Parker in the Philippine Campaign/WWII: Chief of Artillery/II Corps and eventual POW of the Japanese.


A compassionate leader whose implicit message was always; "I will carry you, no matter how heavy..." A startling record of events from an officer on American Command at Cabanatuan who was able to fly under the radar of the Japanese as a POW, who did it HIS WAY in the face of a humanitarian disaster of epic proportions.


Read his diaries recovered from a secret burial location inside Cabanatuan POW Camp [as they were written] and how he navigated the Military Intel of the time, and the Filipino Resistance, to cash checks and smuggle in food to feed his men. 


As one of only 3% to outlived the ordeal, Arthur went onto become Chief of The Maryland Military District during the Korean War at Fort Meade, and Director of Civil Defense for Baltimore City during the Cold War until 1961...


    Gloss cover, 300 pages, cream paper, 5.8" x 8.5"

    The diaries of COL A. L. Shreve, Jr. as they were written during the Fall of Bataan as a POW of the Japanese during WWII.

    Pretext and prologue by Heather P. Shreve

    Foreword by Alfred Cornebise



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