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Once A Colonel Limited Edition

Once A Colonel Limited Edition


An Amazing American Life...COL Arthur Lee Shreve, Jr. and his military career in the Golden Age of the US Army which led to one moment: his capture by the Japanese in 1942. This is the love story of he and his wife, Julia, and the untold story of the military intel inside Cabanatuan after the Fall of the Philippines...the MIS-X, and the heroes that made it work. And, of lives which became unlivable... and of man who became unkillable trying to save them... once. 


     6" x 9",  660 pages, cream paper. FREE bookmark included.


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  • Expanded Novel Description

    Far beyond the call of duty, and far beyond Unbroken-- ONCE A COLONEL is the story of an officer, and a soldier, who joined the US Army for life, dedicated to his country and his men to the bitter end. Inspired by the extraordinary life of US Army officer, Colonel Arthur L. Shreve, Jr. and his wife, Julia McCoy. Follow them from Honolulu, to Ohio, and to many posts....and major events in U.S. history. Feel their love story as it suddenly turns into an unexpected thriller, called to service in the Philippines as Chief of Artillery, USAFFE.


    There, as a POW of the Japanese, his life becomes a race against time and Japanese brutality. In a titanic tale of guts, American ingenuity, and raw bravery, he plays a dangerous game of 'cat n' mouse' with his captors. Tested over and over again, he is pushed to the brink as a leader and as a man. In order to save as many lives as possible, he uses all means necessary-- including the Military Intel and the Underground-- to smuggle in food and cash to save his men.  ​Read about two people in love; a husband and wife separated by war, each trapped in their own 'hell,' but also learn of the untold story of Military Intelligence and the heroes that made it work. An eye-opening historical novel that reveals the 20-year rivalry between the Empire of the Rising Sun and the USA, War Plan Orange and everything that led to WW II and the Fall of Bataan.

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