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"What we possess, we lack...and what we lack possesses us."


We all embody the Paradox of Bamboo―hollow yet solid―formed by inner or outer forces seeking equilibrium yet never knowing to what degree... insoluble ‘riddle’ only outgrown by time and history itself. 

The Bamboo Wife
TV Series Look-Book


In 1922 Oahu, a young woman finds significance by aligning with the Japanese to expose the ironic 'Cocktail'-- roaring misinformation and missteps which threaten the American Dream and future peace.  

STORY ENGINE: In a tumultuous time in history and on the heels of the deadly 1920 Sugar Strike, the very definition of “American” is at stake as the Japanese rise to 45% of the residents on Oahu and every sector clamors for powerthe epicenter of the most seductive sway of American media...


SYNOPSIS: A wounded and lost Jillian Pace [19] visits Colonel and Eva Thorn and meets house servant, Michi Ishikawa, who exposes her to an island shaken and stirred by the oligarchy controlling the news, the residents, the vote, and the American Dream itself.


Seeing injustice and a future, Jillian goes all-in with a letter to the Governor, publisher of The Honolulu Star Bulletin, and discovers that underneath Paradise's frivolous icing is indeed the 'cake'―a Borderland where Japan and the US collide in an epic struggle over Hawaii, not yet a state. Straddling two worlds as a spy, Jillian embarks on a treacherous course to balance the scales for the American Dream as a Japanese advocate―risking reputation, safety and national defense―chained to Destiny but not her own.

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